Promesse 34

output power

35W RMS for each channel


4 x EL34 and 2 x 12AX7/ECC83


 3 analog, 4 digital ( 2x RCA and 2xS/PDIF  - 24 bits 196 Khz)


BlueTooth connection (24 bits 48 Khz)

USB connection (24 bits 196 Khz)

DC heater supply for 12AX7 input stages

The Promesse 34 is our first creation introducing the Smart Bias™ Technology.  This 35W integrated amplifier is based on EL 34 tubes and fits perfectly to your audio system as it supports multiple input sources, shines with elegant and thoughtful design and offers technical characteristics without any compromise. Easy to use, this amplifier allows you to fully enjoy the sound quality of tubes, nowadays gaining more and more popularity.

Like never before, you can now change the bias current with a simple switch, even while listening to your music.


 Discover this new bias control, just as important as the volume control, and enjoy your music in a new way.

The Advantages of Smart Bias

Until now the bias current could only be adjusted manually and changing the bias was not easy and could decrease the sound quality of the amplifier.

These days are over.

 The Smart Bias™ Technology was developped to offer you a truly new music-listening experience. Let go of any adjustments and find an easy user experience where you can change the bias current with a simple switch.

Adapt your amplifier to the sound you prefer and take pleasure in this new bias setting!


Choose the Tone You Prefer

You are now able to adjust the bias current according to your preferences and your music, playing with hot versus cold tones. You will maintain a perfect balance as you  can choose from four precisely pre-configured bias settings to enjoy your music the way you want.

Change Your Bias On The Fly

This incredible new feature allows you to change the bias current while enjoying your music. All tubes are simultaniously adjusted to the bias you choose. The bias is no longer a static parameter but becomes a configurable setting which brings about a truly  new music-listening experience.

Forget About Manual Adjustment

The Smart Bias™ Technology gives you greater ease of use as it takes away the burden and risk of manually tuning or adjusting your tubes. All tubes get seamlessly paired every time you change the bias by simply turning a knob on your amplifier.

Embrace Easy Tube Replacement

Enjoy your music without worrying about tube replacement and hour counting! The system tells you automatically when to change tubes and let's you know which tube needs to be replaced. Replacing a tube becomes as easy as replacing a light bulb.

Enhance your tube Life

The precision of the bias settings and the possibility to adjust the bias current according to your preferences contribute to longer tube life. Thus, you will appreciate your sound much longer before replacing your tubes.

Detailed characteristics

output power

2 x 35W RMS for each channel at 1 Khz

10 Hz - 85 KHz bandwidth at 1W

Tubes used

4 x EL34 for output stages

2 x 12AX7/ECC83  for input stage / phase shift


3 analog inputs

2 digital inputs type S/PDIF optical : 24 bits 196 Khz max

2 digital inputs type RCA with transformer insulation : 24 bits 196 Khz max


BlueTooth connection - 24 bits 48 Khz

USB connection - 24 bits 196 Khz

DC heater supply for 12AX7 input stages


Smart Bias Read more

Digital volume control Read more

Analog-regulated high-voltage power supply

DC and EMC filter for mains Read more

Mains surge protection handling up to 2,500 A

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 17" x 10" x 14.8"

Weight: 50 lbs

Electrical system

Power input: 120Vac 60Hz

Power consumption: 120 W

True power off with zero standby current

standards And conformity

IEC 62368-1, EN 50581, EN 50564



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