The Smart Bias™ Technology

Personalize your sound and benefit from a stable bias, without any adjustment!

The Smart Bias™ Technology was developed to offer you a truly new music-listening experience. You can now adapt the bias to your preferences and your music with a simple switch. All tubes get automatically adjusted.

Hot versus cold biasing, it's your choice!

SmartBias GalvaOrange H400

Digital Volume Control

Our state-of-the-art digital potentiometer eliminates any crackling due to potentiometer aging so you can get the most out of your system and enjoy true sound.

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The Benefits of Tubes

In High-End audio, vacuum tubes have many advantages over transistors. They give a unique tone that transistors cannot approach, have a smooth overload, and superior dynamic capabilities.

Great Linearity

Tubes do have a very linear behavior, that's why tube amplifiers need less negative feedback.

Negative feedback is a technique that consists of comparing output and input signals, and using this difference to modify the driving of the amplifier. While this corrects some degradation of sound, too much negative feedback gives a more sterile and lifeless sound.

Superior Dynamic Characteristics

Many listeners feel that tubes sound more powerful and give better signal headroom. This is due to the high voltages which give more dynamics to the signal. As a rule of thumb, one tube's watt equals three transistors watts.

Smooth Saturation

Every music is composed of periods where the level is very high. When the electronics cannot supply the corresponding power, the amplifier is said to be saturated.

The clipping of tubes when approaching maximum power is smooth and creates a sound considered more musical. Also, thanks to the high energy reserve, this occurs later.

The Tone of Tubes

The distortion induced by tube amplifiers is the second harmonic, which are more musical, adds body to the sound and makes it fuller.

This is known as "coloration" and depends on the bias value.

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