Smart Bias™ Technology

After 10 years of research and development we are pleased to offer the Promesse 34, introducing the Smart Bias™ Technology. Imagine a tube amplifier without any adjustment, easy to use, reliable and adaptable to your preferences.

Discover a new music-listening experience and rediscover your music!


A New Music-Listening  Experience

The adjustment of the bias current, regular and delicate, is subject of many questions and compromise.

Let go of these constraints and enjoy your music: play it hot or cold according to your preferences with the touch of a button. Change your setting easily, without any effort and at any time. The music continues to play as the bias current adjusts to the value you have chosen. Watch the bias indicators move slowly, hear the change of the sound, have fun with this new setting and discover a true music-listening pleasure.

A Personalized Sound

The bias current influences the sound reproduction of the amplifier and must be adapted according to the system, the type of music and the listener. Because each of us is unique, there is no good or bad setting, but there should be a custom setting. The Smart Bias allows you to adjust the bias current, very easily, to personalize the sound according to your preferences and your music.

 A New Setting

For the first time, the bias current is easily and quickly adjustable. What was once a static parameter and difficult to change is now a true setting, just as the volume control.

A Stable Bias

A precise and stable bias current is essential for optimal operation and a natural sound, but used to require regular checks and adjustments. No manipulation is needed anymore. Since the bias current is automatically set, it's now precise and stable under any condition. You will benefit from a perfect adjustment of your amplifier at every moment.

Longer Tube Life

An imbalance of the bias current between the tubes will wear them out faster and compromise the sound. The Smart Bias helps maintain an excellent balance of the bias current and counteract perturbation. As the aging is limited and balanced between the tubes, their lifetime will be lengthened, and you will enjoy longer the best sound quality before replacing the tubes.

Absolute Serenity

Capable of measuring precisely the tube characteristics, the Smart Bias will warn you if one of them will have to be replaced. If one of them is too used to provide the bias current requested, it will prompt you to lower the bias setting to continue listening under the best conditions, allowing you to replace the tube later.

"On The Fly" Bias

Changing the bias "On The Fly" is a new feature that allows you to change the bias current while listening to your music. This change is easy, fast and accurate. You will adapt perfectly your amplifier to all types of music, without any effort, and at any time.