smart tube amplifiers

A New Music-Listening Experience

Adapt the bias to each type of music - it's now possible!

Discover a new bias setting and take pleasure in listening to your music.

P1070204 W754



No need for adjusting the bias, no need for hour counting, it's all automatic.



Replacing a tube becomes as easy as replacing a light bulb, no further manipulation needed.



Personalize your sound with the Smart Bias™ Technology and its incredible feature 'On The Fly'. The bias becomes a true setting.



Take pleasure in product excellence, hand-manufactured with highest ambition introducing unprecedented technologies.


Smart Bias™ Technology

The Smart Bias™ Technology was developed to offer you a new music-listening experience. You can now choose the sound you prefer, easily and instantly, with the introduction of a true bias setting.  

Discover true music-listening pleasure!

Our Promise

We build product excellence upon our technical expertise. Each amplifier is hand-manufactured integrating deep engineering know-how and high-performance material to introduce unprecedented technologies and thoughtful design.