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About Monange

The company Monange is born of a deep passion of its creators for tube amplifiers. Noting that the latest technologies could offer a new dimension of listening and facilitate their use, they embarked on a real adventure: that of putting the new technologies at the service of these exceptional amplifiers, without any compromise on the sound quality .

After nearly 10 years of research and development, the "Promesse 34", the first amplifier equipped with Smart Bias technology, is born, creating the surprise from the first listenings. Combining the highest quality components, it is reliable, easy to use, powerful and revolutionizes the way you listen to music with the "On The Fly" bias adjustment. This adjustment of bias currents, which has become so simple, makes it possible to adapt the tone of the amplifier to the tracks being listened to. Its oversized and hand-made output transformers allow extremely precise and natural sound reproduction, even in bass. Its design, sober and elegant, adapts perfectly to any listening room.

By concentrating our expertise and taste of refinement and precision in our amplifiers, we strive to ensure the highest quality from design to delivery. We design and manufacture all our amplifiers in France, respecting the highest quality standards.

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